Erika! the VIKING (erikamoen) wrote in pantsketch,
Erika! the VIKING


Oh man, dudes, I was so super excited that Sara Ryan agreed to write a story for me to illustrate for the upcoming Snow Stories anthology!

Here's my finished pages, without any of the word balloons and text. Er, I guess the last page has a bit of text. But I have a flu or something so man I'm just gunna let that one be.

Orienteering Page 1

Orienteering Page 2

Orienteering Page 3

Here's a little before/after photoshopping of the last page.

Page 3 Comparison

If you want to see a step-by-step progression of how I made it, click-en-Von-Clickenstein over here.
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I love this... It doesn't even need the text. The story comes across very clearly =) nice work
Thank you!
I love it, it's so sweet. I love the little blue footsteps in the snow.


December 31 2007, 23:09:50 UTC 10 years ago

amazing colours great style!
luv your work!

Thank you!
The footprints don't show up as much as I'd like :-/ But I'm glad you like them!

Thanks for your comment :)
oh man, i love sara ryan.

empress of the world + 16-year-old me = "omigosh, there can be books about teenage lesbians?! why did no one tell me before."

sooo cool that you two are collaborating. :)